Thursday, April 17, 2014

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to all of you out there!  I've been thinking about my Savior lately, and loved this little video.

I'm grateful to know that I'm not alone in the world.  I'm not alone because my Savior felt all of my pains, trials, feelings, sins, heartaches (and yours).  And because He took upon himself all of those, He CAN make things all better.  This life is meant to be a test, and so those wrongs and pains aren't made right, right away, but they WILL be made right.  I believe in that.  I believe in the power of love, and the power of forgiveness.  And even more than that, I'm grateful to the marrow of my bones each time that forgiveness is extended to me.  There is meaning and purpose in life, and on good and on hard days, I'm very, very grateful for that.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

 The last couple of weeks have been spent being sick, or taking care of the sick at my house.  Last week I had an average of 2 kids home from school every single day.  Sometimes the days get long.  But we had some fun mail to help cheer us up.  First was a birthday package from my friend Karla with some very fun fabric!
 And we also got a flat stanley in the mail from cousins.  It was fun for the kids to read about this, and we shipped him off to some friends in New Zealand.  Hopeful he'll make it back to Isaac by May.
And this is a pillow that I finished up a little bit ago for Isabel's bed.  I've been obsessed with this 9 diamond star since I saw it on this blog.  The fabric that I got in the mail is going at least partially to this design.  I've already got two stars ready with the individual diamonds done.  I just need to piece it together with the background fabric.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

first baseball game

 Last Saturday the boys had their first ever baseball game that they played in.  They were sooooooo excited.
 This is Aaron batting.  Unfortunately I didn't get  a picture of Jordan batting.  The age range was 6-9 year olds, but they let Jordan play this time.  Jordan was a total midget compared to the other kids, especially the compared to the 9 year-olds.

I watched the game with Isabel, while Paolo was one of the co-coaches.  Italians love blonde children and always say how cute they are.  Lucky for Isabel is she is both blonde and cute, which won her a free lolli-pop.  The concessions stand guy thought she was so cute that he gave her one.  Like her mother, she has a sweet tooth and loved every lick of it. :)

Thursday, March 27, 2014

carnevale 2014

 Carnevale here in Italy, is kind of like Halloween in the sense that the kids get to dress up in costumes.  There's usually a parade somewhere and you get to through lots of confetti and make a big mess.  All things that kids love to do!
 My boys are totally obsessed with swords.  What's not to love about being able to hit someone, right?
 In the little community where we live they always have a small parade for the kids.
 Fortunately for me uncle Daniele came with us.  It's a good thing, because otherwise I would have lost the boys.  I was trying to keep track of Isabel and the kids were running after the floats to try and get  the things that were being thrown out to the kids.
This little principessa absolutely refused to wear her costume (a pink leotard with a tutu).  She saw another little girl at the park in a princess dress and yelled to me "guarda!  E` bella".  Look!  She's beautiful!  When I told Isabel that in a little bit she could dress up pretty too, she flat out told me NO!  So I rephrased it to make sure that she understood that she could wear a pretty costume too.  I was again told very firmly: NO!  And she kept her promise.  She did NOT wear her pretty pink costume.

a visit from the Smith's

 March was a busy and fun month.  We had some American visitors, the Smith family, from Texas.  They were passing through Bologna and so we met up and had a short tour of Bologna.  Our boys got along like they'd always known each other, and we got to eat gelato, not just once, but twice in the same day!

At the second gelateria (ice cream parlor) the kids thought it was fun to take pictures of themselves jumping off the bench.  This one of Aaron just makes me laugh!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

I love these guys!

 What I love more than anything else: these cute little guys!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

more treasure hunting

We recently went on yet another treasure hunt.  My kids never get sick of finding treasure.  I love the outdoors, and fueling their immaginations.  And for heaven sakes, I live in Italy! for crying out loud.  This place is beautiful and green.  I've got to soak up every second I can.

 My boys are so good at playing together and doing things.  Our little princess has a hard time keeping up, especially when we go on our excursions.  I can feel differences between the boys and the girls too.  Isabel waistes spends a lot of time doddling, wandering off the path we're on, and picking flowers.  My boys pick up sticks, and hit each other with them.  Not as cute as getting a bouquet of flowers, but a lot more time efficient. :)
Even though my kids are all different, they love each other.  And I love them.  And I love that they love each other.