Wednesday, May 20, 2015

To the beach with Rebeca

It was a beautiful, warm day at the beach, with fun sand castles, and lots of digging in the sand, and Isabel jumping on and smashing those sand castles.  She's a jumper, and a bruiser (in many senses of the word)!
"As the sand of the sea" is a phrase that came to mind when I took my kids to the beach on Monday.  I've read that phrase in several places in the scriptures when God refers to his children to as numerous as the sand of the sea.  I asked my kids to look at their hands and see how many grains of sand were on there hands.  Thousands?  And then to look at the beach we were on and guess how many grains of sand there were.  You seriously can't number them.

Yet God assures us that He knows each and everyone of us even though his creations are so many!  I just read this beautiful scripture talking about God's creations "...and innumerable are they unto man; but all things are numbered unto me, FOR THEY ARE MINE AND I KNOW THEM." (Moses 1:35)

I have no idea how on earth we can all be numbered unto God, but I feel in the deepest parts of my heart and soul that I am loved and known to God.  I know that we all are!  How grateful I am for that infinite love!

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Sock animals

I just found some cute tutorials and patterns for sock animals.  Here's the monkey if you're interested in looking at it!  Easy for even those who don't sew, just as long as you can hand string it together.


Our house flooded, or precisely my bathroom and bedroom. The shower is hooked up to the sewage system to the house above and to just that bathroom. We're at ground level. The affluent pipe got blocked by calcification and everything came up through our shower and onto the floor in the bathroom and then into my bedroom. Thank heavens we found it shortly after it started. This is the second time we've had this major disaster.
The first time this happened it was feces filled. This time drain-o filled. Smelled like a swimming pool (instead of an out-house). I was exceptionally lucky that I got most of the things out from under my bed, and especially my two small suit cases with my fabric in it before they got wet. Divine intervention right there!
We had some emergency man come and unblock the pipe. And we got into bed really late. And to top it off Isabel vomited all night long and I slept very little.
Despite all of that, I feel pretty good today. I feel grateful to be alive, and to be me!

Saturday, April 4, 2015

La Poesia di Pasqua

Aaron sta mattina ha scritto la sua prima poesia!  Eccola qua:

Specchio, specchio delle mie brame
Fa che le femmine diventano lumache
Fa che i maschi diventano dei ghepardi veloci

Oh venti e temporali, diventate ossa per i cani
Oh spade, oh scudi fate compagnia da me
che vi trasformerò in allegria

Oh Pasqua, oh uova di pasqua venite da me
che vi darò un po di cioccolata calda
e che vi porterò in Giappone sul mio Jet

Oh hot dog che vi trasformerò in elefanti parlanti
Oh principesse maledette, oh fate oh streghe
vi trasformerò in arance rosse!

Quest'armonia diventa un'allegria

-Aaron James Palmieri

Translation of Aaron's first poem:

Mirror, mirror on the wall
May the females become snails
May the males become fast cheetahs

Oh winds and storms, become bones for dogs
Oh swords, oh shields keep me company
and I'll transform you into joy

Oh Easter, oh Easter eggs come with me
and I'll give you a hot chocolate
and I'll take you to Japan on my jet

Oh hot dogs may I turn you into talking elefants
Oh cursed princesses, oh fairies and witches
I'll turn you into red oranges!

May this harmony become joy

Monday, March 23, 2015

sacrament meeting entertainment

Yesterday during sacrament meeting (the hour of our worship services where you try to listen to talks and have 3 children sit quietly- in theory) Isabel was going crazy.  I don't think she got enough movement in during primary and she usually uses me for a punching bag.  In this case as her personal kleenex.  She discovered that picking her nose and trying to wipe it on me got quite a good reaction and she would fall apart in giggles.  I think we had at least 20 minutes of trying to fend off the boogers.  Once in a while when she was failing in her attempt to wipe a boogie on me, she'd eat it.  Totally gross.  Only grosser was when she thought it was great fun to try and get her boogers into MY mouth!  My little girl lives life intensely, and the booger game was no different!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Happy Father's Day

Today is Italy's Father's Day.  On Sunday the kids sang a song about dad and how he is their best friend.  He teaches them to be honest and be better.  I couldn't have been more grateful that those words are true for their dad!  I'm grateful for a good husband!