Monday, December 8, 2014

My morning run with a sunrise!

Hiking in the hills above our house

 There's a nature hike in the hills about 2 km above where we live.  It's beautiful, and it was a beautiful day.  Lately we've had grey all day and no sun, so it was a nice change! The bonus is that they have this rock that looks like it has quartz or other shiney stuff.  You know what that means to my boys?  TREASURE!!!
 So we filled a bucket with rocks, and before leaving chose our 3 favorite rocks and left the rest for the gnomes to come and get tonight.

 We did Thanksgiving dinner the Saturday after Thanksgiving.  It's difficult to get a whole turkey, but you can buy the breast and legs and wings already cut.  So that's what we did.  Jordan ate a WHOLE drum stick!
 I'd like to say this was my first cooking disaster.  But it'd be a lie.  For any previous roommates, this might bring back memories.  Last week we did a cooking class with a group of women from church and I was going to teach how to make American desserts.  I was trying to prepare and make these chocolate cupcakes.  I think that Aaron dumped the whole packet of backing powder when I had my back turned, and this is what happened!
Christmas is my kids FAVORITE holiday of all times.  There are Christmas markets around and we went to this one on Saturday.  Luckily it was tiny and my kids didn't ask me to buy anything.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

jordan bowling


Bowling for family night

Tuesday night we went bowling for family night.  Aaron won.  He told us all about it many times.  He said thank you in many of his prayers, and apparently he told his whole class at school too!  What a funny kid.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Florence with friends

The David (replica) by Michelangelo
 So I had two friends/x-co-workers come and visit me on Monday.  We met up in Florence.  They were there for the day with a cruise they were on.

Maggie, Julie, and Julie R.

 I tried to be a nifty tour guide and walk us up to Piazzale Michelangelo where you can see the top of the Duomo.  I made a wrong turn and we walked up to this crazy fortress, down a steep hill,and then up some steep stairs to make it to the right place. :)

Thanks to my sweet husband for taking the kids for a day, and thanks to my friend Rachel for babysitting them in the morning.  I appreciated it!!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

november house guests

 I have to say that I love having visitors.  They are friends from Utah, but arrived from India.  Talk about jet lag!  We walked around Bologna in a very condensed version because we had Aaron and Jordan with us and so we kept it sweet and to the point.
 This is our friend Tyler, and his sister Ceisha.  Thanks for coming!!!!
"make a silly face"

Aaron photo bombing us!

the two towers

 Anyone that goes into downtown Bologna with me get's taken to this A-MA-ZING ice cream parlor!