Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Sunrise at the beach

 I've discovered that the beach is one of those places that gives me peace and fills me.  So are sunsets!  So now imagine that with our little camping trip I got two for one!  So AWE.SOME!  It was beautiful, it was peaceful, and it filled me up.

 It was so fun to be on the beach at sunrise with these little ones.  I remember when Aaron was a newborn, perhaps 3 months old, and one early morning (very early!) he woke up and we drove to the beach to see the sunrise.  I still love those pictures.  So it was fun to do it again with all 3 of my kids.

The only thing we were missing (and sorely missed!) was daddy.  I wished that I could hold has hand and share one of the best moments ever!

sand angels

 We were at the beach around 7 a.m.  About half an hour later I found Aaron in the water- in his clothes.  It only took Isabel a few minutes to realize how awesome this is and she quickly took off her clothes and jumped in.  Jordan, after a bit longer jumped in too!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

the faces of Jordan

The faces of Aaron

I think that this one was one of my favorite faces. :)

camping at the beach

 We had an adventure the last two days:  CAMPING!... in a tent, with lots of misquitos
... at the beach!!!!  Did I mention that it was just me with the kids?  Paolo had to work...
 Aaron has been begging me for a long time time to go camping in a tent.  We even let him sleep in a tent in the living room last week.  It only fueled his desire to go for real.  So we went.  I really liked the camp site that we were at, and the beach was perfect where we were at.  The water was relatively clean (you could see your feet, not something that happens often in the Adriatic Sea where we're at.  Hey, we could even see schools of fish!)

 My kids should have been born fish.  They loooooooove to stay in the water, and I've never been able to convince them to make a fun sand castle, that is until this time around!  We had so much fun.  They found the perfect sea shells to decorate them and Aaron was our expert at finding dead crabs to fill the inner court. :)

Sunday, September 7, 2014

good quotes

I just found an article with some good quotes.  Here's this one...
And this one...
 and one more...

good quote

Monday, August 25, 2014

lost another tooth

 As we were going to bed as I was able to help Aaron pull out his front tooth.  This is the first upper front tooth that he's lost (he's lost the 4 bottom front teeth already).  He was SOOOOOOOOOOOO excited!  Jumping up and down.  He was even more excited to find lots of change under his pillow!