Sunday, March 22, 2009

Mr. Incredible

The Italian version of Halloween is called Carnevale and it's in February. This is Aaron dressed up, ready to go to the party of Carnevale. Unfortunately I had to work and didn't get to join in the fun. To make up for it, they came to visit me at work with Aaron in his costume.

Aaron helping his mom make/eat cookies.

As a follow-up to potty training... let's just say he wears underwear when we're at home, but he hasn't actually used his potty very often. He announces "cacca" when he starts to go. We did have one episode where he poured cereal into his dirty potty chair. I didn't let him eat anyone and he had a histerical fit when I threw it all away. That's life Aaron.
This week I'm at 31 weeks, and starting to feel so large I can't wait to give birth. Pictures to come....