Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Well, I sold my car Saturday! I'm very sad to part with it. I would highly recommend a Volkswagon to anyone.

Only 2 more weeks until we're on a plane to Italy. Exciting, scary, sad, happy... all in one. I had a friend ask me what I was looking forward to moving to Italy. I have to say that I didn't have a lot to say. I am, however, glad she asked me because I've started to think of a lot of things. I needed to be reminded that there is so much good in front of me that awaits. Sometimes I feel like all that is good and happy is what I have, and who I have with me right now. However there is a God, He knows me, and He has a plan for me. In front of me there are so many good things in store.

I'm looking forward to good food including: clementines, pizza, gelato, fresh fruits and vegetables, pecorino cheese, parmesan cheese, chocolate... I'm also looking forward to being near family- brother-in-law, aunts and uncles. I'm so excited to see our old friends, and all of our friends from church. I'm happy to be a Latter-day-Saint where I live. I'm looking forward to running on the awesome trails by my house. I'm looking forward to one day traveling a little bit around Europe. I want to see Prague and Budapest and Paris. I want to go to Ireland and see if I can blend in with the natives. I look forward to teaching English. I look forward to being a good influence and lifting up those around me. Being a foreigner makes me a bit unique and I am excused at being a little more bold, or to express my opinions and have them listened to. I am looking forward to the Rome Temple!

To all my friend's and family here: I love you! My heart breaks to leave you behind. But you're not really behind me. You'll always be in my heart. And besides, we'll see each other again. :)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

4 generations

My mom came to visit (aka help me out like crazy after having Isabel). She was here almost a whole 2 weeks. We went up to see grandma Wilson - also affectionately called "crazy grandma" by my brother's kids. They call her crazy grandma because she's as much one of the kids as they are. And that's why we love her to death. So here's Carol, Colleen, Julie, and Isabel. Four generations of women!
Mom just before we took her to the airport. I cried a little bit after she got in the security line. I was so grateful for her help. I also thought about how blessed I am to have such a wonderful mom that taught me so well. This is one of the things that is hardest for me about moving to Italy- being so far away from my family (and friends).

The other day we eating at the table- this time around it was grapes. Aaron stuffed his cheeks full and said, "look mom!" My boy that I love to death!

Jordan trying to imitate Aaron, but not pulling it off as well.
Jordan is often heard to say "I'm the catcher." Second runner up is "I'm the pitcher."
Here's my little catcher. Notice he's looking at me through the space in the glove. You can see his little eye.
And this is Isabel at 4 weeks old right after her bath tonight. She was pushing her head up high. You can't tell as well here because between seeing her do it and getting the camera, it wasn't as high as before. I just can't believe how strong at 4 weeks old. Her brothers better not pick on her when she's a little older or they're going to end up getting a beating!
Go Isabel!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

finished sewing projects

3 little monkies (can't not put them in a post). I've decided before moving back to Italy I'm going to finish up some of the many half-done projects I've got in my sewing closet. So here are a few...

I pieced this top when I was pregnant with Jordan. Two years later I finished it up. This a gift for my sister-in-law who is due at the end of November with their 4th girl.
This was from my quilting group that had a color challenge. We were given a Kona color wheel charm pack and told to make something from it. I decided on functionality- I made a changing cloth and small purse to hold a diaper, wipes, and changing cloth. I made the wonky stars, and this is a reversible carrier.

And here's the changing pad.

These are Christmas stockings that I quilted and threw together. Two out of three I did with a french seam, and the other I just added a border. I like the border less because I'm no good at the curves, and it didn't look so cute.
Aaron slipped these on while I was trying to do the photo shoot of my projects. He was so excited to where his "Christmas boots"!
This is an advent calender that I quilted, and I just need to finish up the hanging peaces to go on it.

These are hot pads I've made for some friends.

And a pin cushion... another challenge project from my quilting group a couple of months ago.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Isabel's First Bath

I still have to protect her from the over-loving of her brother's. These boys are going to get a beating though once she's able to hold her own. Isabel is very mild and quite a pleasant baby, but I sense she'll be spirited underneath and be able to hold her own quite well.
I love dressing her up like a girl! I kept a few gender neutral items from Aaron and Jordan, but have quickly given them away. I find that I like pink and frilly.
She is a lot more awake and quite strong. When she's awake she seems very aware. She has mild colic in the evening and goes to sleep kind of late because of that, but at least half the time will go back to sleep after night feedings. I am getting a little more sewing done due to sleeping a little less.
Isabel seemed to like her fast bath- or at least she didn't cry, scream, wriggle... She did stare at herself quite a lot in the mirror. She's gained almost a pound since birth, and grown 2 inches. She's still yellow, but the pediatrician said that's a phenomenon that can happen in breast fed babies- it takes them longer to break down the billirubin.
Tomorrow is 3 weeks. That's 21 times older than the day she was born! We love our little angel.