Wednesday, June 23, 2010

June 2010

Aaron is my serious boy. He does smile a lot, but rarely for the camera.
Paolo has been showing Aaron how to play baseball. We put the ball on the bucket and Aaron hits it and runs towards first base. He's actually quited good for barely 3 years old.

We had friends visit from Italy for a day, and they brought us the Italian flag. Aaron LOVED that flag. He even had to take it to bed with him. He wouldn't give it up. Needless to say that he didn't get a nap that day.

Evviva Italia!

This is a sweet deal: free truck. The neighbors were going to throw it away because a wheel is bent. We don't mind bent wheels. The boys have absolutely loved it.

These are some of my favorite faces that Jordan makes on a daily basis.

Another typical Jordan: with food in his mouth. This kids eats more than I do right now.

Jordan has long hair on top that some days looks like an awesome comb-over, and other days like a rooster. Jordan in my drama king, and frequently has this expression on his face when he is upset about something. Love him to death!

At Wheeler Farm.

Love the teeth.

Saturday, June 12, 2010


Aaron loves to try to put on Dad's garden boots (that he can't even fit into). In the background is the new car that I got. We traded mine in. We got a Volkswagon Passatt station wagon 2005. I LOVE it!!!

Aaron also just turned 3. Happy Birthday Aaron. We didn't do anything for his birthday for. I just didn't feel like it.

On one of the few nice days we've had, we had a picnic and ate some really good cantelope.

The picnic just happened to be in the part of the yard fenced off for our new chickens.

So we'll probably never have any cats or dogs, but we gave in and got some chickens. We got 3 chickens from one of Paolo's co-workers. The next morning we woke up to the crowing of the rooster. Really annoying actually. So a few days later we took that one back. The next morning we woke up to crowing again. Big sigh. 2 out of 3 were roosters. So we actually purchased 4 chickens from a farm (with the guarantee that they are female). 3 of them lay the regular brown eggs, and the 4th lays blue eggs. They are still young so it will be a few months before they actually start to lay eggs. We have a total of 5 chickens.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Happy late Birthday Jordan!

This is Jordan's first birthday cake: flan. I didn't feel like doing anything messy this time, although admittedly the pictures are more fun if you do. We just called uncle Daniele on skype when Jordan woke up, and he got a special breakfast.
I can't believe that my baby is 1! The time goes way too fast the second time around.

I love his smile, and this is a typical grin from him.

Aaron is almsot 3, and you can tell. His loves are: all animals (ferocious and benign), tractors, buses, ambulances, police cars, fire men/trucks, and running (mostly away from me at top speeds).

He also loves to feed the animals.

This kid has no fear.

I also just buzzed his head, and was very sad afterwards. I actually like his long hair. I comfort myself by saying that it's his "summer cut".

Give him a piece of candy and he'll hold still for anything.

I've also just purchased a low quality mountain bike from DI, and had the bike trailor from a co-worker. We've started short excursions on the bike on the very few days it hasn't been poor weather. We're looking forward to summer weather! The first ride Aaron kept his arm in a hug around Jordan. It was so stinking cute, especially because Aaron has never been the cuddly type.