Friday, July 30, 2010


The last time I tried to check out some blogspots, I turned around to find this little guy covered in strawberries! He is getting so big! He now tries to sing "I am a child of God" whenever he hears it, and he gets the last 3-4 words pretty good. He also loves to give kisses (something that Aaron never did). He is so happy and good natured. I love having Jordan around.

Since I never have pictures of me and the kids, I attempted some self-portraits. This is what I came up with. :)

My favorite is Jordan looking up and Aaron looking dead serious.

We had some friends from Italy who were passing by. This was our friend Roberto's hat that Aaron took and then took off on his trike. That same day we were inside playing and the boys were loving the attention from Roberto. They kept trying to steal his glasses. So Roberto held them up in the air and started to auction them off. He said, "what will you give me in exchange for these glasses?" Aaron without a seconds hesitation responded, "baby Jordan!" Quite the exchange!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Happy 4th of July!

I don't take enough pictures, or post very often. JOrdan is turning into quite the little boy. He eats like a pig and is still underweight. The boys keep me more than busy. Recently my m0m and step-dad came into town to visit. It was fun hanging out with grandma and grandpa Copple. We went to This is the Place State Park. The boys had a blast!
Aaron has said for the last 50 times straight: "Aaron on the train!" I think that was his highlight for the trip.

Cousins. I love my nieces and nephews and am happy when I get to see them.

The other highlight: petting the lambs and goats.

Or maybe it was the horseride.

A rare smile for the camera.

Just as a comment on the 4th of July. I'm not very eloquent but I do want to express my profound gratitude for the freedom I enjoy. I am so grateful for the many men and women throughout the history of this land that have sacrificed for political, religious, ethical, and all basic freedoms. Having lived abroad for a few years I am so grateful to have as much as I do. I do believe that we should be a nation under God. I feel like some of my core values are sometimes attacked and ridiculed. But I believe that as we love our Savior and our fellowmen, and protect the family that this nation will continue to be blessed.