Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Jordan is now officially crawling. Thank goodness not well yet. It happened Sunday. He was 3 days shy of hitting 7 months. Where does the time go?! I wanted the time to slow down the second time so that I could enjoy it more, and instead he's growing too fast.

Two peas in a pod. Jordan loves it when Aaron jumps on the bed. Jordan really can't wait for the day when he is as mobile as his brother.

"bicotto pichi". One of Aaron's favorite treats are fig newtons (in Italian we call them biscotto di fichi). So he asks a lot for his "bicotto pichi". I love listening to him try to talk.

Jordan still won't take a bottle. He's anxious to eat the food we're eating. Even the rice cereal is making him constipated. It's a battle I can't win. He loves trying to eat his special baby cereal, but he doesn't have good control over gripping yet.

Playing on mom and dad's bed.