Saturday, August 15, 2015

Daddy son date to Venice

 Paolo has a 3 week vacation and has decided to spend one day with each person of our family.  Monday Paolo and Aaron went to see Venice.  Aaron has been asking to see a couple of cities in Italy, including Venice.  Aaron took a lot of pictures.  My favorite was the one of the candy store!

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

10 year anniversary

10 years ago today I made an excellent choice! I'm so grateful for my husband Paolo. When I married Paolo I had no idea what marriage meant. I had dreamed about it, but had no idea of how very deep it would make me feel. One thing that I love about Paolo is his ability to communicate. He listens calmly and fairly every time I need to express my fears, concerns and frustrations. I also love what a loyal and faithful man he is to his family! I scored big time marrying this guy! I'm grateful also that celebrating my family means celebrating my 3 wonderful children. I am a blessed woman!

Thursday, August 6, 2015

my little stinker #3

Swiss Alps cheese factory

 My absolute favorite part of the Sustenpass was stopping at this cheese factory (ya know, where you milk the cows that you own, and then do the processing to turn it into hard cheese) in the middle of the Swiss Alps.  We bought a liter of fresh milk, fresh yogurt, and some cheese.  The perfect way to have breakfast!


 We just took a trip to the Bern, Switzerland temple.  On the way there we took several side roads (aka mountain passes) to get there.  If anyone is every thinking of driving through Switzerland to get to Bern, I highly recommend taking this route!
 And immagine the music from "The Sound of Music" playing...