Friday, August 28, 2009

Jordan 3 months old

Aaron's best little friend is Roberto. Roberto's mom is from Italy too. We like hanging out with the kids. They decided that they wanted to play in the water, so we let them go in their underwear. Aaron loves his little buddy.

Jordan is 3 months old now! He is now wearing his 6 months clothes. He is turning into a fun little baby. He just starting laughing, and there's nothing so beautiful as your baby laughing. He's trying to roll over, but fortunately with no success yet.

What's he thinking?

Way to use your muscles bud!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Jordan's Blessing

The boys are both growing like weeds! Aaron is going through shoes like Jordan is going through clothes- non-stop. They keep getting bigger and bigger.

We blessed Jordan the first Sunday in August. I used the same outfit that I used for Aaron when he was blessed. Jordan fit in it a lot better because he was a little older than when we blessed Aaron.

Jordan is all smiles and cooing like crazy. This is such a fun stage. He is definitely an angel baby. He's started sleeping through the night, and is a very low-key baby. He is just so happy most of the time. He's definitely not as high strung as his brother.

We had a wind storm a week ago, and our neighbors tree fell into our yard and broke our fence. Thank goodness that it didn't land on our house!

We had some friends from Bologna visiting this last weekend. We went to a Bee's baseball game. Paolo knows this friend (Labo) from baseball. We had really good seats and a lot of fun. Thanks for coming to visit us Labo, Patti, Filippo, and Matteo! This picture is Aaron with Filippo.

You can't go to a baseball game without enjoying a hot dog!