Saturday, June 30, 2007

This is my sister Maureen the day she went home. :( We'll miss aunt Maureen.
This is Aaron's 3rd bath. His first two were not screaming successes. There was mostly just a lot of screaming involved. I think it was mostly due to poor timing. Right after a suppository and in the middle of cholic are not the best times. I've also learned a valuable lesson. Due to space and small Italian bathrooms we put the bath tub on our changing table that's right next to the bed. So I had put down the towel on the bed. After his bath I put him on the towel and was drying him off when he decided to pee. The only problem is that it went through the towel onto the bed. Since then I've put a protective pad under his towel.

Aaron was 3 weeks on Friday. To celebrate I went with my mom to Florence. The real reason of course was to go shopping, but we women will take any excuse we can get. Aaron just started to get cholic. I can't wait for this phase to pass. It doesn't help that he hasn't able to have a bowel movement by himself since day 7. My mom went home on Saturday, and my sister, Maureen went home last Tuesday after being here 20 days to help me out. I miss them already.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

This is Aaron in his blessing outfit. We blessed him today because my mom and sister were here. Aaron slept the whole time.

This is me and Aaron hanging out in bed one morning after he didn't let me sleep very well, as usual. :)

Friday, June 15, 2007

Aaron at one week

Dad and Aaron hanging out.

Aaron loves to be read to, especially by his aunt Maureen. He stayed awake almost 2 hours! That's a long stretch for him.

If you were to ask Aaron what he wants to be when he grows up, he'd probabily say a professional sleeper. The only thing is, he needs to learn to sleep during the night and not the day in order to become a professional.

Aaron has some funny expressions. One is that he puckers his mouth.

Monday, June 11, 2007

This is Aaron in his go home from the hospital outfit. Daddy is a huge baseball fan. He's trying to teach Aaron from a young age to love it.

Poor kid looks like a prisoner of war in his car seat on the way home from the hospital.

Aaron's first bath- a bed bath- after coming home from the hospital. He didn't even cry, which suprised me. But he is looking a little yellow.

These are the bird legs that he got from his Dad. He also has his dad's feet, but I haven't gotten a good picture yet to show well these huge feet and long toes.

There are those crazy toes. He does something funny with his big toe and it looks distorted. Like father like son.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Aaron James Palmieri born June 8th

This is Julie after 17 hours of labor, and she just got her epidural. She highly recommends an epidural to all.

This is Aaron James Palmieri. He was born after 23 hours of labor. He weighed 3.5 kg (7.7 lbs), and was 52 cm long (20.5 inches). He is beautiful (although looking quite frightful right here)!

We'll see who he looks like most in a few weeks, or in a few months. He definitely has his dad's bird legs and big feet.

Mom, dad, and baby on June 10th. Aaron is starting to eat a little better. Mom and Dad are still dead tired!

Aunt Maureen keeps flashing a light in his eyes, and he's not that excited about it. :)

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

June 5th. Counting down.

So I'm going crazy just waiting for this little guy (who still doesn't have a name yet) to come. Paolo took me out for the day to help me not go crazy. We went to Rimini, which is where the beach is. I walked along the shore and picked up a few sea shells.

Then we went to a place called San Leo. It's a small city that has a fortress built on the peak of a... I'm not sure what to call it... a really big hill, or a very small mountain. To tell the truth it's far away and I was hoping my water WOULDN'T break while we were there. The only time I've wished for that.

This is in San Leo. I would include a picture of Paolo, but he didn't like how he looked, so you'll have to wait until the baby is born.

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Scary Italian Medicine

So Wednesday was the nightmare of my life. I went to my OB apt. in the morning. The doctor did his usually check up and told me that baby was still breech- head and feet up, with his butt down in my pelvis. So as he's checking me, he asked if I had already scheduled my c-section. I told him no, because HE told me to wait until this apt. to see how the baby was doing, or if he had turned. He seemed astonished that I hadn't already scheduled this c-section (which I was not excited about), even though I didn't because he told me to wait. So he then tells me, it might be too late. He wrote me some official letter and sent me straight to the hospital to schedule the c-section. At the hospital, they sent me to five different places before I finally got to the right place (typically Italian), where the obstetrician was mad at me because I hadn't scheduled sooner. I tried to explain that I was only following doctors orders. My due date is June 8-12th (they're undecided), and the lady told me that they only scheduled 2 c-sections a day, and they were already booked for 3 c-sections a day, for several weeks and that she didn't know if she could give me an apt. You've got to be kidding! I have a breech baby and you don't even think you can schedule me. So then she calls her big boss and they decide that they can schedule me for June 12th. So I ask, isn't it better to do it sooner so that I don't go into labor and have to have an emergency c-section. She tells me it would be better, but they can't schedule me any sooner. Great! All of this while Paolo is working.

So then I called a friend in Prato (which is about an hour south of here) crying and saying, what do I do? So she called the hospital there, and they told her to bring me right in and they'd see and get me in right away if it was necessary. So I call the neighbor who took me to the train station. I go with all of my bags down to Prato. My friend picked me up at the train station and took me to the hospital. After waiting for the doctor to finish delivering, he came and checked me. He did the ultrasound. And lo and behold, the baby is not breech. He's head down (and enormous according to the doctor) and ready to go. He never was breech (because I gaurantee I would have felt him flip around if did). So anyway, after all of the worrying, traveling (gone from 9 am - 10 pm), etc., this baby is just fine. It was the biggest relief of my life, and the biggest frustration at the same time. Why do Italians have to make life so complicated?! Anyway, now it's just a matter of waiting, and hoping he's not too overdue. I just need to remember that even though this is all a big pain, the end product is going to be worth it.

Moral of the story: public health care is not the best way to go!

Stretch Marks

I realize this image may be graffic, so I apologize to all of those sensitive eyes that have to see this. The problem with having such a huge belly is that I can't see anything other than the very top of my belly. Anything that falls on the ground stays there because for one I can't bend over. And for two, I can't see it after it's on the ground unless I turn sideways and find just the right angle. Until this last week I was convinced that I didn't have any stretch marks yet either. That's because the mirror in the bathroom only shows your face, and not the underside of your stomache. So I was trying on some clothes at a store with a full-length mirror and I saw something that horrified me- stretch marks! So there you have it folks

This is Paolo and I at the communion of one of our friend's son. We left a little early because Julie wasn't feeling too good. The incense they were burning during the mass really stunk.