Monday, November 23, 2009

Aaron is starting to use his imagination and pretend. It means that he does a lot more fun things, like wanting to be zipped up inside my back pack. He also pretends to eat or put unknown objects in our pockets. I wonder what he pretends to be putting in our pockets. If he's anything like his dad he's probably imagining putting a dirty diaper or something else disgusting in there.
We've just started doing solids on a regular basis with Jordan. Today was the first time he was actually enthusiastic about it. I boiled a sweet potatoe and smashed some of it up and tried to give it to him. The problem with feeding Jordan is that he grabs at everything you have in your hand and he moves around so much that half the time I end up shoving it up his nose instead of into his mouth.

While I was trying to feed Jordan, Aaron kept going into the bathroom and doing things he wasn't supposed to (I'll let you use your imagination because it's probably close to exactly what was happening). So at least 4 or 5 different times I had to put the food down and go grab Aaron. While I was gone, Jordan grabbed the spoon and food and went to town.

Monday, November 16, 2009

trucks and leaves

I was taking pictures of Jordan, and I turned around to find Aaron like this. I was about to yell "pull your pants up mister" and then decided to capture the candid moment. Now that Aaron is better about being potty trained, I leave him in underwear all the time. The only problem is that he sometimes does this to let you know that he needs to go potty.

Playing in the leaves.

I tried to put Jordan in the leaves to get a cute picture, but all he did was cry.

We put the kids in the same bath (on a day that Aaron was less dirty than normal).

I finally have a fairly decent picture of Aaron smiling, even if he does have food in his mouth.

This was a weird looking potatoe that I was about to peel the other day. I decided to take a picture of it. What do think it looks like?

Of course it was Paolol's idea to put Jordan in Aaron's truck.

And he loved it! Especially for the ride his dad gave him afterwards.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Halloween 2009

This is the day that Aaron was on one. This is him when I found him playing in his room. A little later that day he went to "play" in his room, which really means he goes to hide and poop. Unfortunately he does this in his underwear on a regular basis. I didn't catch him in time. When I did find him he was using an empty box of diapers as a slide and had poop smeared up his whole back. I took him to the bathroom and put him in the bath tub to wash him up. While I was rinsing his clothes, he figured out that the brown stuff could be smeared all over the rest of him. What a day!

Jordan is no longer happy just laying around and doing nothing. He's got to be sitting up and looking or doing something, or he lets you know he's not happy. He is just as pleasant, but a little more demanding. I think it will get easier when he's able to sit well on his own for long periods of time. Right now he can last a few minutes if I'm lucky.

This is our first snowfall of the year from about a week and a half ago. I took Aaron outside to play in the snow while Jordan was taking a nap. After Aaron touched the cold snow he started crying. After that he was too cranky to play and we went back inside.

Here's my little pumpkin. In my opinion adorable!

Notice how one is smiley and the other... well... he can give the worlds dirtiest looks, and you have no doubt as to when he's not happy about something. In this case, he hated the pirate. I did my best to get a picture, but that was near impossible. Good thing I got the costume cheap at a garage sale!

Aaron now loves to bang sticks on everything. Boys!

There goes the hat!