Saturday, December 22, 2007

Winter Wonderland

These are more pictures of the most recent snow storm. It's going to be a white Christmas around here. This is to show our friends in Italy.

Queste sono le foto dalla piu recente nevicata. Sara` un natale in bianco qui.
This is our condo complex where we live. We live in the first building on the left.

Questo e` il condominio dove viviamo. Stiamo nel primo palazzo alla sinistra. Sotto e` una montagna di neve creata dalla spazzaneve.

Aaron gets to know his Grandpa Copple (he met grandma when he was a week old). Aaron loves his grandparents.

Finalmente Aaron conosce il suo nonno meglio. La nonna ha conosciuto appena nato.

This is Aaron in some really cute cowboy boots from Tenessee that one of my cousins gave him.

Aaron nei suoi stivali di cowboy, che gli sono stati regalati da una cugina di Julie che abita a Tenessee.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Aaron 6 months

We finally have internet, so we'll be posting on a more regular basis again!
Aaron just turned 6 months a week ago. He celebrated it by getting his first tooth, and within a week his second tooth. They're both on the bottom. Thank heavens that the second one has come in because he was pretty cranky for a while. Aaron chews anything and everything in site as you can see below.

Aaron ha compiuto 6 mesi e per festeggiare l'occasione sono spuntati 2 denti. Cuccia tutto (e` un po come avere un caniolino in casa). Sta crescendo bene.

This is the snow (one of three in the last 2 weeks) for all of our friends in Italy to see. I love it, being from here, but Paolo isn't used to it and he doesn't like a lot yet. Eventually he'll get used to it.

Questa e` la neve per tutti i nostri amici in Italia di vedere. Era una di 3 nevicate. La prima foto e` della macchina di Paolo, e la secondo e` un campo vicino a casa.