Thursday, July 24, 2008

Ciccio Pasta

I've been trying to let Aaron eat some on his own while I feed him. I've found that he eats more that way, and slowly he learns how to feed himself. Despite the fact that he eats a lot with his hands, he does use the spoon, kind of.
I love Aaron's new smile because he shows all 8 teeth.
Aaron has the curious habit of going and picking off the very few green tomatoes that I have on my plants and eating them. This is him trying to ingest it in one bite before I can stop him.
Aaron with my grandpa Wilson. I'd have put Grandma on here too, but the picture didn't turn out that great. Next time. I have to say that I love my grandparents and that I love going and seeing them.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Mr. Mischief

Our neighbor upstairs has a 6 month old. They came out to share warm, home made cookies, so I let Aaron have one. He really enjoyed it.
And then he stole the other kid's toy and started chewing on it.

Aaron is good at getting into things that hygenically speaking it would be better if he didn't. I VERY narrowly got a potatoe bug out of his mouth before it died. Yesterday he thought it would be great fun to eat the dirt out of my potted plants. He didn't even flinch at eating it. We had moved the toilet paper onto the counter for that very reason. What we didn't realize is that he is now tall enough to reach it on the counter. The result is what you see in the video.