Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Vacation at Zion's National Park

This was one awesome Jet tub in our small cabin. It ended being only a bathtub for the kids, but they loved it!
My mom rented out some cabins just outside of Zion's National Park. All of my siblings, and Jim (my step-dad)'s kids and families came. It was so much fun! My kids loved playing with all of their cousins, and I loved hanging out with my siblings.

Papa Jim plays a game with the older kids that if they can catch a dollar between their fingers then they get to keep it. He did it for all of the grand kids with 5 dollar bills so that they would have money to go spend while on vacation. Thanks Jim! Aaron was thrilled with the money.

My youngest brother, Steven, was the biggest help in the world. Paolo couldn't come because he had to work all weekend. So I went down 8 months pregnant by myself with the kids. My brother Steve was an awesome uncle and helped me out a ton. We went on a half mile hike, and the boys loved it. They could have kept going, but I was tuckered out. :)

I tried to get a picture of the boy cousins. It was a little difficult to say the least. I love Park's great face.
This one we got cousin Jackson. Aaron loved playing with Jackson.
Last night we went down and made smores with all the grandkids. My kids get a limited amount of sugar at home, and so enjoyed the chocolate and marshmallows even more.

View while making smores. Absolutely beautiful! Thanks again mom for the best family vacation! My favorite part was hanging out every evening and making/eating dinner together. I'll never forget what a wonderful family I have and how much I love all of them.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Happy 4th Birthday Aaron!

Today my oldest turned 4. Things I love about Aaron: he is very enthusiastic- about everything, he loves to play, his laugh warms my heart, he has a tender heart and when he is kind and sweet with Jordan he is the sweetest of boys, he is good at puzzles, he loves to help mom/dad cook and his fingers are constantly in the food (and then into his mouth). The list goes on. I'm just so grateful that Heavenly Father gave me this little boy who will one day grow into a man.

I hope he learns to be loving, kind, generous, responsible, diligent, and faithful.
I did not feel like doing anything special. Maybe it's being 30 weeks pregnant, maybe not. So we had a water balloon fight/pool with his little buddy Roberto. At home we made a cake and sang happy birthday after Jordan's nap. That way the sugar went down early in the day and not right before bed time.
Aaron liked his little monkey. :)

It actually took about 4 blows to blow it out. Love you Aaron!!! I'm grateful you're in my life.