Monday, September 24, 2007

Fingers or the binky?

Oops, forgot to turn this picture the right way before I uploaded it. You get the idea anyway. The pediatrician, after almost 3 1/2 months that Aaron can't poop by himself, decided that enema's were no longer enough, so she told me to start feeding him pears. This is his first time eating food (other than my milk). They're actually prunes because that's all I had. He LOVED eating fruit (granted he was really hungry). He ate from the spoon like he had always done it. I only gave him 3 spoonfuls because it was the first time.

Aaron is now 14.5 lbs and 25 inches long (at 3 and a half months). His 6 months clothes fit well, and some almost tight, and his 9 month sock don't fit anymore either. He has enormous feet. He gets that from the Palmieri side.
I went to visit friends in Prato, the Furia family. This is there youngest daughter, Letizia, who loves Aaron. While he was taking his afternoon nap, Letizia went into the room every two minutes to make sure that he was ok. Good thing that Aaron is a good sleeper!
This is one morning after Aaron woke up, starving as usual.
So the other night we got home really late from visiting friends, and had to get up early the next morning to go to church. That night he woke up twice, and barfed all over me one of those times. I don't believe in letting your children sleep in your bed with you, but to keep him quiet I made an exception. This is him in the morning (slept right through my alarm).
Aaron's new thing is sucking on anything and everything possible. His favorite items are his four fingers. When I took him to the pediatrician this week she told me not to let him suck his fingers, but to give him the binky. She said that I can always take away his binky, but not his fingers. I'm not sure how I feel about that. I don't mind him sucking his fingers. If anyone reading this has an opinion, I'm willing to hear it. Just don't be offended if I don't take your advice.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Cute kid

This is Aaron taking his nap today. He put his hand under the crib bumper and was cuddling it against his face while he was sleeping. It was really cute. From this angle you can only see his hand, but he's holding it while he sleeps.
We've started doing "tummy time" a few times a day, and Aaron's getting a lot stronger because of it. Sometimes he screams and sometimes he smiles at me. The picture below was a smiling moment.
Aaron's able to grab things and pull them towards his mouth. Some of his favorite items include my fingers, and the toys from the baby bouncer. The only problem is that he still lack coordination. This morning while pulling on the toy that makes the bird swirl and the music play (on the baby bouncer), he decided that it would be best put to use in his mouth instead of merely to make music. The only problem is that the toy was made to be pulled down and not stretch as far as his mouth. So he pulls it, and it arrives just short of his mouth. He has his mouth wide open and he's looking anxiously, almost desperately at it like why isn't going in his mouth. After about a minute of pulling it close to his mouth he decided to pull it as close as he could, and then shove his free hand into his mouth. Apparently it did the job for him. He'd look at the toy and chew on his hand.

The other funny news (all of this happening by about 8 am) is that while drying Aaron off after his bath, he had his first major blow out. The only problem is that he was laying on his stomach, on the towel, with no diaper on. It went everywhere! So I did my best to clean him off with some wipes. I had to put him back into the bath and get a new towel. Way to go Aaron! Trying to hand wash out baby put stains is not an easy task.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

big boy

I realized how long Aaron is getting. The first picture is Aaron at one week, and his feet arrive at the boppy cushion. The second one is now (3 months) and his knee arrives at the edge of the boppy. By the way that's a 6 month sleeper and it's almost too small.
This is Aaron with his uncle, Daniele.
I like his frog bib.
Aaron can sit up for short periods when propped against something.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Aaron 3 months old

Aaron just hit 3 months. He's almost in his 6 month clothes, and we'll see how much he weighs next week when I take him to the pediatrician. He's such a happy baby I don't know how we got so lucky. His eyes are looking really blue, and I think they'll stay that color.
As we're getting ready to leave, we're trying to visit a lot of Paolo's relatives. This is one of his aunts (called Elvira).
This is another uncle, Luigi. He's the oldest of 12 kids. Paolo's dad was the youngest of all of them. His wife, Paola, is holding Aaron. There's one of there daughters, son-in-law, and Paolo.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Almost 3 months

Dad and Aaron hanging out in bed.
This is dinner at our friend's, Daniel and Luana. Luana is due in 2 months.

Paolo says that Aaron wakes up like an adult because once he's awake, he does a long series of stretching (as demonstrated above), he yawns a little bit, and then he looks around dazed for a minute, like I sometimes do in the morning when I wake up but my brain hasn't turned on yet. He doesn't do it all the time, but a lot of the time.