Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Family Mascot

We had an "Olympic Ceremonies" at church, and Paolo was one of the Mascot's. He played the part well. He looked so ridiculous that I had to post a picture. Love my hubby!

Jordan is now 10 months old. To celebrate he got a black eye yesterday. In the bath he fell while trying to pull himself up on the faucet and smacked his left eye on the lever that makes the water go down. At first I didn't realize what he'd done. But when I was dressing him I could see the swelling and redness. Nothing like your baby getting a black eye to make you feel like a bad mom. Today it's not too swollen or discolored, so I'm crossing my fingers that it won't be too bad. No pictures of that one.

At least Aaron is pushing him instead of pushing him down (Aaron gets a lot of time out's over that one).

Jordan is literally into everything! I've been saying for months that I need to put a baby lock on this door too, and the crawling in and getting into things inspired me to do it that same day.

He has also left me a present in the bath water twice in the last week.

And his all time favorite- toilet paper eating! I don't know how many times a day I have to take him away from his favorite acitivity.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The sun's in my eyes mom!
My happy boy is doing well. His top two fangs (I call them) are growing in nicely, and the top front ones are cutting through right now. So hopefully Jordan won't look like Dracula for too long. :)

This kids also loves to feed himself. he won't take much baby food these days because he has to feed himself. He eats a lot of cheerios and boiled vegetables.

About the only time of day that he looks like an angel is when he's sleeping- which he hasn't done much of lately. We sent his binky to the moon on a balloon about 10 days ago. Ever since he's had a hard time relaxing to fall asleep at night time. This was one of the rare occassions that he did.

This kid loves dirt. He likes to hit it with stick. Unfortunately he still likes to eat it when I'm not looking. He does it for the attention- or at least that's what I presume because it can't possible taste that good.

Aaron was imitating Paolo after he had worked on our garden box in our yard.