Monday, February 23, 2009


So about 2 weeks ago I had a less than proud parenting moment. I was hurredly getting ready (and running late) to go to a friend's house to watch her kids for the morning. Aaron pulled off the counter top the bag of stuff I was taking to make sugar cookies. I came back into the kitchen and found a pint of sour cream and 2 cups of sugar all over the floor. Instead of laughing and taking a picture, I got frustrated and put Aaron in time out. He then crawled all over the floor trying to eat the sugar. So I put him in his bed while he screamed his head off and I cleaned up the mess. Afterwards I really wished that I had handled it better, and promised myself that I wouldn't loose my patience the next time, but look for the funny part of what happened. Just such an occassion came this morning.
Trying to take a shower while your child opens the curtain 10 times is sometimes hard, so lately I've been turning on the TV while I shower so that Aaron doesn't come and bug me. However, he seems to be more whiney after I turn off the TV, so I decided to let him just play instead of turning on the TV. As I was just getting done with my shower, I heard this pouring sound just outside the curtain. Aaron poured the whole box of cheerios onto the ground and into his training potty.

Just as an aside before you get too grossed out, the potty chair is new and unused. I'm going to start potty training Aaron this next week. So I bought it and sterilized it. I've been having him sit on it dressed this last week to get him used to it. So while I ran and got the camera, he started eating out of the potty chair. Totally disgusting, but at least it was unused.

Here is my "6 month" belly shot. Yes, it is huge!

This is a very brief viewing of eating from the (unused) potty chair. It still kind of grosses me out, even if it wasn't ever used.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Feed the Birds

My Grandma threw a "feed the birds" party for all the little grand kids. We decorated cookies, and then spread peanut butter on stale bread and dipped it in bird seed. Then we hung the bread on a christmas tree that grandma put in her front yard. Aaron ate more bird seed than I think all the birds combined. It was either that or eat lots of candy while decorating cookies, so I opted for bird seed.

Helping mom make rice krispie treats for a play date.

My boy loves to eat. He's getting better at feeding himself, but not always.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

One of the benefits of sending Aaron to nursery is that he has started coloring and doing other things that I couldn't interest him in before. I'm just waiting for him to try and write on something other than note book paper. It's bound to happen soon.

This morning while I was washing dishes, Aaron decided to be creative and put his sippy cup in a tupperware container, and then drink from it. I love the crazy things that kids do.

This is the swimming suit that uncle Daniele got Aaron. We were trying it out a little early.

I love this little boy!