Monday, February 22, 2010


Abbiamo festeggiato Carnevale alla scuola Italiana questa settimana. Questo e` Aaron con il suo amico Roberto. Erano carini.

This week at Italian pre-school we celebrated "Carnevale" which is the Italian version of our Halloween. Aaron had a lot of fun!
I swear Aaron has picked his nose more than anything else the last two weeks. Caught in the act.

Aaron had some great faces that were funny.

Aaron's super powers: he can yell louder than any child or adult that I know (hmmm, maybe he'll be an opera singer one day); he can go from happy to full body temper tantrum in less than 0.2 seconds (hmmm, sounds like he's close to 3); he LOVES his baby brother and often tries to smother (literally) him with love. Poor Jordan is constantly being rescues from the clutches of Aaron; when he wants to, he can really pour on the charm; he can memorize anything as long as you read it to him in a book every day for a week.

And that's my super boy!

This is Jordan as we were playing "magia" (magic in Italian) where the boys sit on my bed and we throw this exceptionally ugly blanket over them. Then I stick my head under and Aaron starts to laugh like crazy. Jordan was laughing too because Aaron was laughing. I couldn't get Aaron to hold still long enough to get picture of him under the blanket too.


Love his smile. Always!

Friday, February 12, 2010

When your kids imitate you

We just bought new windows because all of our other ones had cracks in at least one pane or had moisture inbetween them. Here are some before and after pictures.

Aaron has started to use his imagination and immitate what we do. He "talks on the phone" a lot by putting his hand up to his ear, and has some funny conversations. Well lately I've been so exhausted that if he isn't being quiet during nap time and I need to sleep, I let him cuddle with me in bed while I take a nap. Yesterday Aaron hopped in his bed and wanted to pretend that he was taking a nap with mom. So I layed my head next to his. He started breathing really hard and really fast in my ear! It must seem to him that that's what I do when I sleep. So that's how Aaron views his mommy. Very telling. :)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Toddler Bed and Crawling

This is a very typical expression for Jordan. He is my HAPPY boy!

He also loves bath time more than anything else all day long. He loves kicking aroun in the water and playing with Aaron.

He is also crawling like crazy, everywhere. He crawls in and out of this box several times a day.

Paolo this week threatened to suprise me by taking Aaron to get his first short haircut. Little did I know that it would be Monday while I was working. He brought the boys in so I could feed Jordan, and I couldn't stop staring at Aaron.

I found this car at D.I. for $10. I love a good buy!

Aaron has been crawling out of his crib for a few weeks now. We got a lock for his door, and found a toddler bed on line for a good price. Now he is up at night emptying all 6 drawers of their content (photos to come). And we have to pick it up every morning. Oh the joys of kids!

Here's my crawling maniac.