Saturday, January 23, 2010

Trouble Maker in Chief

Aaron is my trouble maker in chief. This last week he did it again. My sewing room downstairs used to be a bedroom that the previous owners rented out. So the outside of the doorknob had a key entry, and it locked from the inside. I've never had the key to this door. Aaron snuck in when I wasn't looking (because he loves to illegally play with my quilting needles- which is highly prohibited). He just happened to also turn the lock on the inside without realizing what he did. He locked himself in without knowing it. When it was quiet I went to check on him and found him locked in. I tried to get him to open it up, but he didn't know or understand how. I tried to use a credit card to open it. No luck. I called a neighbor to enlist her help, but together we were unsuccessful. So I called a locksmith and found out it would be $75 for him to come out. What an outragious price!

By this time I was getting desperate. He'd been locked in about an hour. I figured if I kicked the door in, I'd damage the door frame. I decided to cut a hole in the door because it's only about $35 to replace. I got a small jigsaw electric saw and with the help of my neighbor cut a hole in the top of the door. The noise scared the pants off of Aaron and he cried quite a bit. I found the room in quite a state. Aaron had stuck the pins into the carpet and lined them all up. There was all kinds of thread EVERYWHERE! He had eaten all of the candy in the room. He really had a fun hour.

So here's the picture after I taped the pieces of wood back onto the door until I finally break down and replace the door (above).

This is a sweater of Bart Simpson that uncle Daniele sent to Aaron. I felt like it was quite fitting to this last week.

Jordan is 8 months old today! I can't believe it. He is now crawling quite well. He tries to pull himself up on everything. He is finally eating solids, but still refusing a bottle. He cut his two bottom teeth on the 1st of January, and now his top two are coming in. I forgot how horrible it is for them to get teeth. He's been waking up at night screaming his head off, and unable to console him.

Isn't my husband cute?!

Hanging out in bed with mom.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Merry Christmas

This is the Christmas outfit from Grandma Copple. Aaron was adorable but refused to sit and smile at the camera.
My big boy.

Jordan enjoyed watching Aaron open up Christmas presents.

"Oh WOW!!!" Is what Aaron had to say.

Aaron was the INN keeper this year for our family Christmas pageant.

Bologna soccer team shirt from uncle Daniele.

Today was a very bad day for Aaron (and for his mommy). All he did was whine and yell "mamma" at the top of his lungs (which is very, very loud) every three seconds all morning long. He woke up Jordan twice from his nap. Jordan has been really cranky and fussy because he's getting his second tooth in 4 days. I also happened to be watching a neighbor's little girl. When her mom came to pick her up, Aaron took all of the special Pecorino cheese that Paolo's brother had just mailed us, and ate it/spread it all over while I was helping the mom. I came back into the kitchen to finish making lunch and found Aaron doing this. Big sigh, big breathe.

Paolo was watching Jordan while I napped yesterday. He thought it would be fun to put Jordan on the chair and take a few pictures. The chair was sopping wet when he was done. Love my husband!