Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Merry Christmas

I just wanted to say really quick how grateful I am for my Savior, Jesus Christ. He was the reason that we celebrate this season. I feel like all of the happiness and joy I have in life is because of Him, and I love Him with all my heart! I am grateful not only for what He did for me, but that He did it for all of us. Being a mother, I realize how much my children are going to need Jesus Christ in order to get through the troubles of life that await them. Christ can do things for them that I can't and I'm so very grateful for Him. I'm also grateful to belong to His church.

This was our family Christmas celebration where Grandma and Grandpa taught all the grandkids about Jesus. The pictures are of the kids playing out the birth of Jesus. Above is cousin Annicka dressed as Mary.
This is cousin Elyxzia as one of the angels.

Aaron was the Inn Keeper.

In nursery at church the really nice nursery leaders made aprons for all the kids with their hand prints on them. Paolo said Aaron looks like a waiter. I just thought he was adorable!

Christmas morning. It took Aaron a while to get the hang of opening Christmas presents. He got a toy telephone from mom and dad, and he loves to walk around talking on it!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of our friends!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

18 months old

Aaron is 18 months, and I can see a big difference in him! He's just learned to say "no", and he says it all the time. No means no, it also means yes. It's also his favorite word when he doesn't know what else to say. Some of his favorite things now are: eating cereal, smiling at the camera and then looking at himself afterwards, ring-around-the rosies, his slide from grandma, old diaper boxes that he's turned into a mini slide, apples, taking his shoes and socks off in the car, and trying on our shoes.
It snowed really good two days ago (today too). So we pulled out our little sled and Aaron had a lot of fun being pulled around. Then we made a ramp with the snow and he had a lot of fun going down that until he fell in the snow and started crying.

Cheesy as ever!

Aaron's learned a few of his body parts, and one of the few that he gets right on a regular basis is pointing to where his head is. The only other thing he always gets right is pointing to where mom's baby is (in my stomach).

Trying on daddy's shoes. Thankfully his feet won't be that big for a while!