Sunday, June 23, 2013

Bern, Switzerland

 We took a trip into Bern to see the city.  There's a spot where they have bears.  It's on this hill, by the river. But you can walk above it too and see the bears really well.

 Aaron insisted that I take a picture of the castle. :)

 Note: this is a public restroom.  I think that you can see the feet of someone urinating.  It's along the sidewalk as you walk by.

 Aaron and Jordan drinking from the fountain.

This face she's making reminds me of a picture of my sister Maureen when she was a kid.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Part 1 of trip to Bern, Switzerland

 This last week we went up to the Bern, Switzerland temple for a friend's marriage.  The kids were troopers for the 8 hour drive up.

 I couldn't decide which picture I liked better. :)

Congratulations Katiuscia and Daniele!!!!!

Saturday, June 15, 2013


 At the park this evening it started with making dirt "meat balls" which then somehow turned into mud balls.  It became a game to try and hit Aaron with one, and Aaron thought it was funny to try and dodge them.
 Notice that they all have a mud ball hidden behind their back.
Run Aaron, run!!! 
 ummmm, only got just a little bit dirty
And let it be remembered that Isabel had her share in the getting dirty and dirt throwing!

running in the sprinklers

 Paolo is in charge of helping clean the local soft ball field.  They just laid red dirt and therefore it needs to be watered everyday.  We decided to take the boys and let them run in the water while he did it.
 They had the time of their lives.

 Except Isabel.  She didn't like it much
 But she found other ways to keep herself busy. :)
 super hero Jordan
 Ninja Jordan
 And from Aaron's birthday party- pirate theme.

Friday, June 14, 2013

If you need a laugh

 Yesterday I needed to go buy diapers and a few other big items, and so I asked Paolo to leave the card for me so that I could go.  He went to bed after working all night before I got home, and left me this message.  Just in case you can't see it, it says

"Please, come back home!  I still love you!!  (The atm card) "

I laughed my head off and remembered why I love my husband so much.
 I tried to call my friend Karla, and my mom in the states.  Because we've got an old fashioned phone that is NOT a mobile phone, I'm kind of stuck at the wall.  This is the price that I payed for my few minutes of calling home.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Aaron turns 6!

Aaron born June 8, 2007

Aaron 15 days Florence, Italy

Aaron 18 months

Aaron 3 years old
Aaron 2 years old

Aaron 4 years old
Graduation, Aaron 6 years old
Where does the time go?  One of my very favorite things about being a mother is this little guy right here.  I love him more than life and I'm so grateful that God gave this little spirit to me to nuture and to love and to teach, and to cherish.  Love you Aaron!


 We had our end of year party last week (even though they'll go to school through the end of June).  They had a really cute program, and all the kids were dressed up as insects, either: cicada, bee, or ladybug.

 Aaron with a little friend.  Her mom is Scottish and I love hearing her talk!

 All of the 6 year-old's "graduated" on to Elementary school.  Wipe a tear for my little guy, who's turning into a big kiddo.
He was way too cute in his graduation outfit.