Thursday, May 22, 2014

Jordan turns 5!

 Today my sweet Jordan turns 5!  Where does the time go?!  Things that I love about Jordan:  he's courageous, yet he's also delicate at times.  He's very, very sensitive, which makes him sensitive to the Spirit too.  He's a knight in shining armour and loves cavalry.  I hope that he continues to love such good principles when he's older too, and will one day treat his wife well.  Jordan likes to make others happy, and is a good friend to play with.  He also has a fiery temper that explodes, and then dies quickly.  Paolo says it's the Irish in him.  I think it's the Italian in him. :)

I can say for sure that Jordan is a HUGE blessing in our family.  I'm so grateful that God gave me this little one!  He's such a courageous, sensitive soul and has so many talents.  I also firmly believe that God has a plan for each of us, knows us, and watches over us.  This kid has such good potential.  I hope to help him blow on that potential and to be able to do some good in life.  I love you Jordan with all my heart!  You're one of my greatest treasures.
 I made a cape for a friend who is doing his birthday party with us.  From the extra fabric all laid out I was able to make a second smaller cape.  When I showed it to Jordan he thought it looked like Batman's cape and asked if he could have it.  So I sewed on some ears and he got it for his birthday this morning.
 Last weekend there was a car show driving through Bologna and it stopped in front of the baseball field by our house.  With a stroke of luck, the baseball association decided to make the game that night free.  So we enjoyed some cherries, a ball game, and some cool old cars that are driving through a good part of Italy!


I've recently taken a costume making class on called The Costume Box.  It is the absolutely funnest, best class I've ever taken!!!  It's perfect for anyone.  You don't have to be a sewer (although to make the capes, you'll have to sew), you don't have to even consider yourself very craftsy (this would be me) in order to learn how to make costumes for kids.  I've had fun making princess tiaras, and capes, and crowns.  I can't wait to make more things for my kids.  I also think the price is totally reasonable too.  I think it's around $15.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day 2014

 Motherhood is God's greatest (and hardest) gift He's given to women.  But I wouldn't trade it for all the world!  My life is filled with things that are hard, wonderful, exasperating, thrilling, shocking, precious, tiring, straining to the limits, and fill me up to the brim with joy.  Sometimes all felt within seconds, and sometimes I get to be stuck in one of those emotions for a while.  But what we work hardest for we prize most.

So today I get to celebrate hard work, gut wrenching love that keeps me going, and knowing that I'm not alone in a very sacred calling to raise these little ones.  One because I have a wonderful husband who is a good father, and two because I have a Heavenly Father and a Savior who never, ever leave me alone in this mess  great work that I get to do.  Sometimes I get moments of peaceful reassurance, and sometimes I get to sweat it out.  But I am and we are never alone in this.  What I do, and what I say, and who I am DOES MAKE A DIFFERENCE because I am a mother!

So wether it's hand holding goodness, slobbery kisses, spilled milk, crying through the night for the 6th year running, my son saying to my husband: "you sure picked a beautiful mommy"  "hai scelto una bella mamma!", or the mud-slinging part of motherhood, I'm grateful for it all!

Friday, May 2, 2014

wanting a pet

 Last week Aaron was off of school for a couple of days while the other two had school.  I took advantage to go see some friends with Aaron.  They have a rabbit, and Aaron loved the rabbit.

While visiting with our friends they asked me if the kids have ever asked for a pet.  Not really, and I felt myself kind of fortunate.  Famous last words!
On the bus ride home I asked Aaron what his favorite part of the day had been, and he told me that holding the rabbit was his favorite part (first even before eating gelato- ice cream!).  He then promptly asked me if we could get a rabbit.  He's asked several times since then if we can get a rabbit.  Not too long ago we had considered getting an animal for the kids.  After a  trip to the pet store we decided to wait and hold off for now.  A rabbit would have been one of our first choices for a pet.  Since we're only a little over a month out from our trip home for two months it's not even thinkable at this point!  So here's to dreaming about one day having a rabbit....