Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Getting settled in

I think that Aaron has food in his mouth at least 50% of the time. That's why he's not so skinny. He's not fat either, but quite solid.
One of his new favorite things is to make a series of faces. His latest to the list is making indian noises with his hand against his mouth.
I thought this Sunday outfit was 24 months, but it turns out it was really 18 months and fits snuggly. Bummer I thought we were going to use it longer, but he sure was cute on Sunday.

We're finally starting to feel more settled into our new house. I've found almost everything and we've gotten some of our list of things to fix up done too. There's nothing like a place you can call home.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

New House

We moved this last saturday. I forgot how stressful moving is. It's nice to have a house of our own. I was trying to put the baby locks on the cupboards and draws. It was MUCH harder than it seems. I had to go buy an electric drill, but it didn't make it a whole easier. While I was sweating away, Aaron was doing what he does best- pulling everything out of the drawers. Ironically I was working so hard to prevent this. So that's what the picture above is.
He was making some good faces today. He woke up quite happy (and then it went down hill after that). Aaron's language skills are getting better. He understands more of what I say to him and can follow commands better. He's picked up two new words. The first is "ciao ciao" and the second is "grazie". Which are hello/bye and thankyou. After I warmed up his milk this morning and handed it to him, he smiled and said "grazie" and did the sign for it before he started eating. It was the sweetest thing ever.

This is the new house. Our new address is: 3713 Christy Hill Way, SLC UT 84118
It's a split level entry, and this is as you come up the stairs. The house is almost completely tiled except for the bedrooms.
This is the family room just to the left as you come up the stairs.
To the right is the hall that takes you to the bathroom and 3 bedrooms.
This is the upstairs bath. The rest of the house was not in a state to take pictures of. The basement has storage under the stairs, small laundry room, living room, and one small bedroom. It's nice to have our own place, but stressful knowing we have to pay for anything that breaks!