Wednesday, May 20, 2015

To the beach with Rebeca

It was a beautiful, warm day at the beach, with fun sand castles, and lots of digging in the sand, and Isabel jumping on and smashing those sand castles.  She's a jumper, and a bruiser (in many senses of the word)!
"As the sand of the sea" is a phrase that came to mind when I took my kids to the beach on Monday.  I've read that phrase in several places in the scriptures when God refers to his children to as numerous as the sand of the sea.  I asked my kids to look at their hands and see how many grains of sand were on there hands.  Thousands?  And then to look at the beach we were on and guess how many grains of sand there were.  You seriously can't number them.

Yet God assures us that He knows each and everyone of us even though his creations are so many!  I just read this beautiful scripture talking about God's creations "...and innumerable are they unto man; but all things are numbered unto me, FOR THEY ARE MINE AND I KNOW THEM." (Moses 1:35)

I have no idea how on earth we can all be numbered unto God, but I feel in the deepest parts of my heart and soul that I am loved and known to God.  I know that we all are!  How grateful I am for that infinite love!