Sunday, July 20, 2014

Let your tears water the seeds of your future happiness

My husband recently emailed me this article from a local newspaper about turning mom fail days into mom win days.  I loved this quote:

“Cry. Forgive. Learn. Move on. Let your tears water the seeds of your future happiness.” - Dr. Steve Maraboli

I think that it's ok to cry or be afraid, but I also think that it's important to let those moments educate and teach me along the way.  And then the happiness comes.  So tears are ok.  Worrying is ok.  Being human is ok.  I know that we have a creator that knows the end from the beginning, and that's he a creator- a creator of life, a creator of new beginnings, a creator of new hearts, a creator of love and forgiveness, a creator of this world, and a creator of the next world too.  He's created a plan for our happiness.  He knows and loves us completely, and knows how to calm and cheer and strengthen us.

I'm starting to feel a little bit of anxiety over leaving loved ones- family and friends.  But I'm grateful that I can turn to my Savior and know that He can strengthen and empower me.  He can help me remember all the good I have in my life without pining for the past.  The future is bright and full of opportunities to love, and to give.  I'm grateful for each day I have to do so.

Friday, July 11, 2014

4th of July weekend

 Me with my youngest brother, Steven!  Love this kid to death.

 All the cousins hanging out grandma and grandpa Copple.  Thanks for coming out to see us!

Random pictures of friends and things we've done

 The museum of natural curiosity at Thanksgiving Point

 Saying hi to Maggie at the park!

 Wheeler Farm

 At the zoo with aunt Maureen
 Splash pads, how I wish they had these in Italy!!!!

 Kayaking on the little lake with the Barlows, Heidi, and Tyler

stories from the Book of Mormon

 We went to see some from friends- the Newbolds, and their youth were doing re-enactments of stories from the Book of Mormon.  The boys got to participate in a sword fight with some cool shields and real styrofoam swords.  They were in heaven!

 There was also a cool dress-up area where you could take pictures with your family.  So much fun!

Of interesting to myself only that Jordan vomited right before and right after this.  Thank heavens not in the car or other places hard to clean. :)

visiting with my dad

 My favorite part of my trip: just BEING with family and friends.  Here's a few pictures of hanging out with my dad, step-mom, and siblings!
 picking cherries

 A picnic and watching the air show at Hill Air Force base.

Isabel is an awesome imitator and has lots and lots of fun with Mary!