Thursday, October 30, 2014

Morning run

 My camera isn't professional, and neither am I at taking pictures, but I love taking pictures of where I live.  I do hill work outs once a week (I live at the beginning of a hill that turns into the mini alps).  I went higher up instead of just doing repeats of one huge hill.  I decided to take my camera with me.  It was the best run ever!

I love exercise!

Early mornings...

 The other morning, we woke up really, really early.  My kids didn't get the memo on daylight savings time where they can actually sleep an extra hour.  So we wake up really early.  But they don't always wake up happy, and so it can be a hard morning.

It started out with Aaron getting a finger in his eye, and it kept hurting and kept hurting.  So he asked to get some ice from the freezer (he doesn't do that very often).  And he found a frozen ice cream cake that Paolo made.  So I pulled it out and attended to the wounded eye.  In the mean time our little Principessa took advantage of unattended chocolate!
 And then while I was trying to get the princess out of the chocolate cake, these thow decided to start rolling themselves up like salame in this blanket.
I love these two!

And of course, intense fun was not to be missed out on, so she jumped in too!

Monday, October 20, 2014

more toothless

 Lost his third upper tooth!  Happier than before, if possible.
 I totally cheated and copied an idea from my friend Kati's blog.  I cut out some triangles from my Halloween fabric and our whole front room is decorated in this!

 Having fun at the park this weekend!
Lila and George

Thursday, October 9, 2014


 Aaron was thrilled to lose his second front top tooth.  And I have to admit that I lo-ove his toothless smile!  They nice little pixie the tooth fairy left a lot of change that added up to just over a euro!  Rich in Aaron's eyes.  She also left him a note telling him that this time around he was getting money for his tooth, but if he wanted money next time that he needed to start brushing his teeth with TOOTHPASTE!  He does NOT like the taste of tooth paste and won't let me use it when we brush.  The last dentist trip (not too long ago, and way too many times in a row) I was counseled to use it to help him have some fluoride to help protect his teeth.  For money this kid will do about anything!
 Our lives have been pretty uneventful lately.  We're into the swing of school, and it's such a relief.  We really enjoyed watching general conference this last weekend, and I feel charged up and ready to go.
Isabel the first day of school
I've also decided to start a quilt guild here in Bologna.  We're going to start Oct. 22nd and then meet every 3rd Wednesday of the month.  y bishop has been nice enough to let me use our church building to host the event.  I've got to take flyers around to some cloth shops, and cross my fingers that someone will come.  I do know that one other person is coming.  There might be 2 of us, or if I'm lucky even more.  I'm grateful for a husband who is supportive of my hobbies and endeavors to get out once in a while!