Sunday, July 24, 2011

On the Farm 2

I finally got blogger to upload more pictures. Prepare yourself for a LOT of pictures of the Palmieri boys. Thanks Shelly!

On the Farm

I have a co-worker that offered to take pictures of my kids. Who can say no to that? There are A LOT of cute pictures. Unfortunately blogger won't upload any more pictures, so I'll have to do a second post. This is in Magna where my friend Shelly has horses and cattle. Thank you Shelly for the great pictures!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Salt Flats

Do you have days like this when you think your children are playing wonderfully, while you're preparing gourmet waffles and trying to be a good "homemaker" and mother, to walk into this?

While I'm glad that Jordan is now potty trained, it comes at a cost some days, like unrolling a whole roll of toilet paper, and then deciding that he needs to empty out his potty chair, but completely missing the toilet! While the other child has dumped out all 500 books and all the toys into one pile and is playing king of the mountain.

Motherhood... I remind myself in moments like this that it's ok. My life has meaning and purpose. I'm doing my best to teach them to be good kids and follow the Savior.

We went to Wendover to meet some Italian friends and got to see the famous Salt Flats. Let me tell you, the reflection on the white salt in the middle of the desert is blinding! I couldn't keep my eyes open for the camera.
I also haven't taken ANY pregnant belly pictures. The third time around you just pray that you can quickly not be big and pregnant anymore. So here's my official 33 week prego belly (8 months for those of you who count in months).

These are my little angels. They love what Aaron calls "picnic" outside. He loves to eat out in the yard. As long as he'll eat anything I'll agree to it. He's so hard to feed sometimes.