Thursday, September 23, 2010

boys will be boys

These two love to wrestle together (in their own sort of way). It is so fun to see them play and love each other. Although truth be told they are already starting to fight and bicker over toys too. I guess there must be an oposition in all things, right?

Go Jordan!
Funny things your kids do (or gross things): yesterday I was trying to get Aaron dressed (this is not my favorite part about 3 year olds- nothing is ok. If you choose their clothes they have a melt down. If you try to help them they have a melt down. If you don't help them they have a melt down. ) For no reason at all Aaron just looks and me and says "abbraccio mamma" (translation: "hug mommy") and then comes to hug my neck. He threw his arms around my neck and then proceded to wipe his nose in my hair with a nice back and forth cleaning movement. I swear kids think that moms are their own personal nose rags! So much for the anticipated cute moment.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Guess that shape

We made a cake for our neighbor as a birthday joke. It didn't look like the animal it was supposed to. Can you guess what it is? If you guess right, the prize is being the best interpreter of modern art. Answer is at the bottom of the post.

Kids are growing. Aaron started preschool this week. We are still doing Italian preschool too. Here's to hoping this kid will eventually be bilingual.
Jordan repeats EVERYTHING he hears. He says 40-50 words now. It is so fun to listen to his little squeaky voice say things.

We went on the little train at This is the Place State Park with our friend Roberto. The boys loved it!

I can never get these guys to simultaneously look at the camera. The answer is: skunk. It is supposed to be a skunk. Oh well, we can't all be good at cake decorating. :)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sewing Projects

So I started to sew a little in Italy, and I've recently joined a quilting group to start getting a little better. I made this apron very last minute for a bridal shower for a cousin. My cousin Kim is getting married and the bridal shower theme was "honey-do list". So I whipped this up out of my fabric stash (because I decided to go 2 days before and didn't have time to go to the fabric store).

This is my first quilt from start to finish that I did everything all by myself. I paper pieced the top. I then did free motion quilting to quilt it together, and then sewed on the binding. It was a lot of work for a novice like me. Modesty aside I'm quite proud of myself and I really like this quilt.