Thursday, April 30, 2009

Trip to Vegas

So two weeks ago we decided to drive to Las Vegas to see the fine pasteries to inspire Paolo, and also to have a family vacation before the next one's born. Here are some of the yummie treats we saw (but did not eat). It was a long drive but Aaron held up well. Actually, I expected a lot worse. He did well even driving through Zions National Park.

Thought the cactus was classic.

One of my friends from work gave me her baby things and Aaron has loved trying them out. Yesterday Aaron insisted on getting in the disc. He didn't like it very much though. He asked to get out after 3 seconds.

We had a nice first watermelon of the season and Aaron loved it!

This is the first time that we mowed our lawn. This is the first time for both Aaron and Paolo to mow the lawn. We didn't have a lawn in Italy. Welcome to suburbia.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter 2009

Happy Easter to all! We are grateful to remember our Savior and His infinite and eternal love for each of us. Mostly I feel grateful for my family and because of Him I can have this family forever. I also love that I can teach my son about Jesus Christ and the Plan of Happiness.

We went up to my Grandma's house on Easter with a lot of my cousins to celebrate Easter. One of my cousins brought a new puppy and Aaron went crazy over it.

I tried to get a picture with my mom and step-dad, but Aaron wanted to see the dog more than have his picture taken, so I had to hold him. He still wouldn't look at the camera because he was trying to watch the dog.

Coloring eggs with side walk chalk. A whole lot less messy than actually coloring eggs.

This is my mom with grandma and grandpa Wilson. My brother's family has lovingly nick-named her "Crazy Grandma" because she does so many crazy fun things. Today she wore her crazy Easter Hat. She wanted to wear it to church, but Grandpa said no way.

Thanks for the cute shirt Germana!
The Easter Egg hunt was in the grave yard where my great-grandparents are burried, and which is right next to grandma's house. Aaron was best at walking on top of the graves, and when the hunt began, tripping over all of them. We didn't get a whole lot of eggs, but Aaron had fun running everywhere.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


We took Aaron to the swimming pool for the first time last week. He LOVED it! He wasn't very willing to go far from my arms, but it was kind of deep for such a little kid.
He's not scared of much. He loved jumping off the edge into my arms.

Dad was a good sport to sit on the side lines and just take pictures. Probably kind of boring to just sit and watch, but we appreciate it.

I had fun swimming too. For the first time in a long time my belly didn't feel quite so heavy as it usually does. That was a relief. I'm starting to get so big that I'm ready to not be pregnant anymore! About 6 more weeks and I'll be a lot lighter.