Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas 2010

A couple days before Christmas it snowed a lot of wet snow. It was perfect for building a snow man. This is Aaron's first ever snow man. He loved it!

A rare moment of being cute together just before bed time.

This is Aaron's first year of really getting excited for Christmas. He had so much fun ripping open his packages. In all honesty I don't believe in buying a lot of presents for your kids, so they got some toys from DI and were perfectly happy.

Here's Jordan's present: some sun glasses. He still loves wearing them.

Ironically Aaron's favorite present of the morning was a sucker that he got from one of his little friends for Christmas.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

#3 on the way

Just announcing that we're expecting baby Palmieri #3 towards the beginning of August. I was going to wait until I at least went to my OB, but since Paolo posted it on facebook... I'm only 7.7 weeks along, and feeling nauseated. My first pregnancy was worse by far. Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

more sewing projects

This is about my 3rd finished quilt. I tried to show the loopy stitch I did.
I didn't have a great place to take pictures of this blanket. I usually do it on my front fence, but considering everything is covered in snow, I couldn't. I most post a picture in a few weeks when we are no longer snow covered.

It's satisfying to FINALLY be done! Now on to the next one.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Rough Day

So have you ever had a frustatingly hard day? That was me yesterday morning. I'm trying to get ready to go to preschool. Aaron had stripped naked and was running around the house (something we don't usually allow). He was running away from me and laughing. So I locked him in his room in time out and told him he could get out when he was dressed. In the mean time I'm trying to hurry and take a shower. My bathroom was disgusting and I hurried and washed the sink. Then I went down stairs to switch the laundry before showering. Jordan had been playing really well by himself.
I came upstairs and found him like this. The only thing that kept me from flipping is a promise I made to myself to not cry over spilled milk with the kids. So I hurried and took a picture and then quickly undressed Jordan, washed him off and made him drink water before calling poison control just to make sure I didn't need to watch for anything.
They recommended that I give him a bath too. So as I get ready to give Jordan a bath, Aaron calls me from his room stating he is dressed. I open the door and he is still buck naked, and is so excited to show me that he peed in the little potty. He also had pooped all over the floor. How on earth did he do one in the port-a-potty and the other on the floor?
So then while they were bathing I'm trying to clean up Comet, and it wouldn't go away. Sweeping it was like moving it around. I tried to vaccum it. That was a little better, but still all over. So then I had to wash my whole upstairs, plus vaccum the whole upstairs, plus do at least 3 loads of wash because the powder was all over his bed too.
THEN I got to clean up poop. We were really late for preschool and I was exhausted!
Thank heavens most days aren't like that. I also realize that I have so much to be grateful for- that I have two happy, healthy children that still do relatively small damage. That are able to do damage (verses being in a hospital or otherwise handicapped). Now that it's the next day I feel a lot better about everything. So bad days don't last forever.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

walking in a winter wonderland

This is Thanksgiving 2010. This is also the first time Aaron has enjoyed playing in the snow without him crying because he's cold or other reasons.
Our trampoline was covered and we tried to remove as much snow as possible.

Paolo hates having his picture taken, let alone me publishing it online. Oh well. He looks better than me in the picture. :)

A visit to the temple grounds to remember what we're most grateful for- an eternal family, an opportunity to know our Savior and to try to become like Him. We fall short a lot, but certainly feel His love as we are trying.

Who cannot resist such a cute face?! Jordan is talking in 3-5 word sentences and will say a prayer. So cute to hear his little voice.