Thursday, November 27, 2014

jordan bowling

Bowling for family night

Tuesday night we went bowling for family night.  Aaron won.  He told us all about it many times.  He said thank you in many of his prayers, and apparently he told his whole class at school too!  What a funny kid.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Florence with friends

The David (replica) by Michelangelo
 So I had two friends/x-co-workers come and visit me on Monday.  We met up in Florence.  They were there for the day with a cruise they were on.

Maggie, Julie, and Julie R.

 I tried to be a nifty tour guide and walk us up to Piazzale Michelangelo where you can see the top of the Duomo.  I made a wrong turn and we walked up to this crazy fortress, down a steep hill,and then up some steep stairs to make it to the right place. :)

Thanks to my sweet husband for taking the kids for a day, and thanks to my friend Rachel for babysitting them in the morning.  I appreciated it!!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

november house guests

 I have to say that I love having visitors.  They are friends from Utah, but arrived from India.  Talk about jet lag!  We walked around Bologna in a very condensed version because we had Aaron and Jordan with us and so we kept it sweet and to the point.
 This is our friend Tyler, and his sister Ceisha.  Thanks for coming!!!!
"make a silly face"

Aaron photo bombing us!

the two towers

 Anyone that goes into downtown Bologna with me get's taken to this A-MA-ZING ice cream parlor!

Friday, November 14, 2014

Italia in miniatura for Halloween

 This is Aaron with one of his best friends, Matteo.  I thought it was so sweet for them to hold hands while they were walking along.  I fear that his hand holding days will soon become uncool and he won't want to anymore, but while he stays so sweet, I'll enjoy it!

 With the whole gang!

cooking fun!

 I'm in charge of an activity this Saturday with some women from my church.  We're going to be making Christmas things, including these ornaments made from pasta!  It's soooooo easy, and it's economical!  My two favorite things.  All it takes is pasta, a glue gun, and some spray paint.  Easy shmeasy!

 And about a week ago we had the first of a series of "culinary art" classes (with my girlfriends from church).  We made pasta a couple kinds of sauces.  It was fun!

 And then we had some little chefs of our own at home.  They're always eager and happy to help.  What a blessing to have such wondeful children!